Grading System in USA

The GPA system is followed throughout the United States to judge student’s performance.Graded in scale of 0 to 4. Good GPA helps in admission decisions & scholarship.

Indian Percentage to USA GPA

50-58% 2.66
58-60% 3.00
60-70% 3.33
70-80% 3.66
80% 4.00


  1. 1
    Shortlist Universties

    Universities are shortlisted based on your profile and University requirement.

  2. 2
    Documents Required

    Once the Universities are decided ,the required documentation have to be submitted by you.

  3. 3
    Online Application

    One receipt of all required documents, Online application will be submitted to the University.

  4. 4
    University Decission

    Our Universities take decision quickly and would let us know the decision within 4 days to 4 weeks depending on the university.

  5. 5

    Most Embassy / Consulates invite the students for a personal Interview.Student have to be prepared on all prospective questions they would be asked during the visa Interview.Guidance shall be provided.

  6. 6
    Student Orientation

    Once visa is through and after reaching the University you need to report to the International Students Desk upon arrival.