Vinayak Kumar

Working for students to achieve their goals with the limited amount of time they have in this quick moving world.We strive to give every student equal and as much information as possible to offer them from the wide variety of course options available to suit their career aspirations. 

We at VK Overseas Study Service Pvt.Ltd. Have everything that a student needs to get started with for his international education experience.

We offer excellent teaching faculty to help students master in thier english proficiency,to the best of counselors to provide wide variety of universities/colleges to select from to pursue thier Undergraduate , Masters or Certificate programs.

We at VK Overseas Study Services Pvt.Ltd. are happy to assist students with the visa process and this is one of our USP's as we are very successful in this area.

We as a team at VK Overseas personally wish all our students in the past and the future all the very best and would like to thank you for the trust you have kept in us to be your advisor towards your international education.